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TTMatic Table Tennis Robot Users Testimonials
How table tennis and TTMATIC� Robot replaced Television, Video Games, boredom and Unhealthy Habits For a Single father and His Children

          Today, we are bombarded with factors that increase our stress and depression such as divorce, lack of lasting relationship, betrayal and financial competitions. Depression, anti-psychiatric medications, overweight and substance abuse and unhealthy coping activities affect a large proportion of the Western populations. Additionally, more people around us may suffer from Narcistic Personality Disorder or Borderline Personality Disorder that can cause high stress in our lives. Therefore, I believe that it is important to find a coping mechanism that is fun, can be practiced alone and with partners, at any time of the day and in any season. My search for a therapeutic and healthy activity in addition to my spiritual coping mechanism have lead me to Table tennis and TTMatic robot.

          I was looking for an activity that my children would enjoy. I have a strong faith and knowledge to channel my pain in positive ways without investing in professional counseling. Beside my strong faith, I was searching for a secondary coping mechanism to make available for me at all times. Table tennis was my favorite choice since it is a healthy fun and addictive. One day, I cut plywood I had stored in the garage into a beginner's table tennis and laid them on a table in the patio. I purchased a table tennis instructional DVD which was helpful. My children picked blue and while paint and helped me paint it. We bought a net, paddles and balls and began to play. When my children finish their school work, they rushed to play table tennis regardless how cold the whether was. We all played and I was having as much fun as they had. It brought me good memories of my childhood playing table tennis with my brother, friends and parents. I looked for a local table tennis club and a coach for my children. The coaching fee was affordable. We followed the coach's recommendations and purchased appropriate Mark V Special Edition flare handle blade and both sides Mark V smooth rubber 2.0mm thickness.

          In the summer, we went to the table tennis the three nights a week it opened and stayed for the entire four hours the club operated until 9 p.m. After returning home, my children had enough energy and desire to play one more hour on the basic table we made. After about ten coaching lessons, my children showed great improvement, coordination and sportsmanship.  I changed the furniture around and dedicated an indoor room to table tennis. I purchased a good table tennis with 1.25 inches thickness since iI wanted it for a long-term healthy sport.

          When my children where not with me, I needed a fun and reliable friend and partner to practice table tennis with. I began to search and read about table tennis robots. I also asked my children's coach for his recommendation. My children coach recommended either the cheapest table tennis robot or the highest-end table tennis robot. His rational was that table tennis robots tend to become boring in short-time unless they are high-end robots. However, money was not plentiful for me especially that most of my income is paid for baby-sitting or as the "family court" calls it "Child support." I began to research and compare various table tennis robots and read users feedback. I compared Newgy robo-pong robot, Butterfly Amicus robot, SmartPong robot, iPong robot, TTMatic robots, Paddle palace robots and other brands. After thorough and lengthy research, I concluded that many robot users quit using them within three to four weeks. However, I was intrigued that users of the TTMatic high-end robots were using them five days a week for an hour each time and have used them for years without complaints or need to upgrade to a newer model. The TTMatic robot was well researched and made without sparing quality.

          I decided to purchase a TTMatic high-end robot since my objective is not only for practice and entertainment, but also as a long-term therapeutic practical tool. Therefore, the price and financial sacrifices I made should be worth it. Beside that, in case it did not meet my need, its resell value should be great. Additionally, I resist to spend any financial earning on video games, movies and entertainment that have subtle short and long-term damaging effects. I ordered a TTMatic high-end robot model without a net. It was a beauty and a state of the art solid made and well thought of. It is simple to operate and provide functionalities that meet the needs of any player. We used it daily. To prevent any possible injuries from repetitive motions, we set the frequencies of the balls at a comfortable level and took frequent rests. Soon, I ordered plenty of table tennis balls and a pingpong buddy to pickup balls without having to bend.

          I  began to play table tennis at various hours of the day. I moved my computer to the table tennis room. I ordered a net for my TTMatic robot. I found it great to take frequent breaks to exercise my eyes sight and body after an hour of sedentary staring at the computer. My stress level have greatly decreased. My boredom has disappeared. The neck and shoulder pains that I experienced from desk work disappeared. I can play table tennis with the music on or off, when it is cold outside or warm, at night-time or day-time, when I am happy or stressed and with others or with my TTMatic robot.

          I call my TTMatic robot by, "my son." He is adorable and a great companion player. I was searching for a good and fun activity for my children and I to enjoy as often as we wish and when we wish and whether together or in the absence of a partner. Table tennis sport and the investment in a table and a high-end TTMatic robot met our requirements. I shared my story in the hope that it may help parents find a therapeutic option for anyone desires to exercise or cope with stress.

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